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    Video editing software suggestions?

    I'm looking for a video editing software but I'm new to editing so Adobe and final cut is too expensive. I've been looking at this filmora software. Anyone using this? Any other software anyone can recommend?
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    Kodi streaming Hong Kong Drama

    Hi all. Anyone using Kodi streaming Hong Kong Drama/Movies? I can't seem to find a good connection for Kodi 17.3
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    You're wrong he is already helping the team win. MELO has to somehow help the team continue to win when he comes back.
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    The NBA has been boring to me this year until now! -tongue2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jASZKxSMhcM
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    Mandy Wong

    This role really ruined her career!! She's so good at being a bitch she's going to be stuck with these roles!!
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    Used PS3 or Refurbished PS3?

    I'd do refurbish they tend to check those before they sell it.
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    New and Remodeled cars of 2012

    I'm excited for the Scion IQ (Not on this list). Thinking about trading my Prius in for one! 2012 Audi A6 (Redesigned) MSRP: $41,700 – $49,900 Highlights: Prestigious, Fuel Efficient for a Luxury vehicle. 2012 Audi A7 (New) MSRP: $59,250 Highlights: Audi’s answer to...
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    Flashiest used cars under 20k

    And convincing a girl to hop in the back lol
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    2011–2012 NBA Season - The Heat Are Champions!

    I would actually like that to happen but that doesn't sound like it's enough
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    2011–2012 NBA Season - The Heat Are Champions!

    My predictions for the Finals Los Angeles Lakers Vs Miami Heat Finally these money hungry clowns are back in their jump suits to play some bball!! :laugh2:
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    Making A Website

    Just purchase a site name/hosting and use wordpress
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    Flashiest used cars under 20k

    Good luck driving it in the rain
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    When Heaven Burns - 天與地 (2011)

    This one is weird. Storyline sucks too! Stopped at episode 3 don't think i'll finish.
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    Flashiest used cars under 20k

    Not really my list found it on that blog. There is a part2 version too. I checked those cars in my area with the exception of the ferrari I found all the vehicles listed for under 20k.