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    PA Generation(s)

    Dann should be in my generation, coz everyone knows he was my minion! Muahaha
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    [DDL] Kimura Kaela - +1

    Kimura Kaela adds another entry to her album profile. +1 is the follow-up to Kimura's fourth album Scratch which soared to the No. 1 spot of the Oricon charts. Kaela's new 13-track album includes her most recent singles Samantha, Jasper, and Yellow which turned into Oricon top ten hits. Among...
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    PA Generation(s)

    BBear, you forgot my buddy Devil Taxloss.......... and I think Dann and Wind2000 should be in my batch... :P
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    PA Generation(s)

    Actually you were right... I joined earlier, but started posting later than you. I got the VIP in one month. -lol
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    PA Generation(s)

    4) Babyrain, Hiake, Dann, Maverick :D Look at my Join Date... *slaps* :P
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    [DDL] HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR - Rock Pit

    Tracklist 01 Amazing -Prelude of ROCK PIT- 02 Break now! 03 TOXIC 04 フラッシュバック -digitalgrainmix- 05 HINATA 06 EARTH 07 *SKIT* 08 ギャンブリング 09 メキメキ 10 ZERO SYMPATHY 11 ROSIER 12 東京ナイト 13 手紙 14 木漏レビノ歌 -ROCK PIT ver- Please show your appreciation by clicking the THANKS button...
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    The BitTorrent Legend Returns: I Am aXXo

    I am downloading it already :) I am an aXXo fan :P
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    [bt][ddl][album]the enchanted sountrack

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    [DDL][ALBUM] the enchanted OST

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    [album]Enchanted Movie Soundtrack

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    Lucky Asian men

    LOL this is so hilarious... KNOC you are one hell of a 'detective'.. And this thread starter is being flamed left n right, upside down inside out... lmao.
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    Contradictions in the Bible?

    I couldn't agree more. -whistle For starters, we have to deal with the authenticity of the Bible having in mind it is a book put together by more than 40 different authors over a period of 1400 to 1800 years. And then, who's to determine whether you have got the 'rightful' interpretation? God...
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    We've never disappeared.... just lurking around. :P
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    Damn, thanks for being so considerate.
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    I think it's fine if you wanna limit the size of avvies, since we do have freedom on the sizes of signatures anyway.