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  • yo okie you do it first! for a week so i can get a preview. Then we'll talk.;)
    wat you talking about we talking about your lesbo avy here chica!!!! dont change the subject!
    yah yah and i double dare you to put lesbian p0rn all over your profile/sig/avy the whole 9 :trollface:
    lmao okie...gay girls avy i liek wait till i find a good one:trollface:
    well ..i helped with the funeral arrangements and according to the com stat .. this last half year has the most young people die .. age 10 - 35 .. so yeah .. it gets younger and younger ..
    bad .. three funerals since dec 29 so yeah .. family is still mourning .. but things are looking up .. at least i hope so .. trying to stay positive .. know what i mean?
    hai u hav ps3? dl kz3 beta and join PA clan yah itz free yo! :trollface:
    yo yo yo you left that one thread and disappeared from PA!!!-shrug
    Have a merry Christmas an a awesome new year!!
    Wishing u all the best for the new year, and may all your wishes come true!!
    May ~xxx~
    Ang said I can't have that color cause it's too similar to t he MOD color..oh well, yellow is just as good. lol

    Are you still in it? LG and BaoBei is working it on the # and I heard rth won't be on for 6-7 days a couple of days ago...
    lol yeah...oh well at least were happy about it i guess...you are happy right???? hehe
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