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  • I could be observing you ;)
    I love the meatballs and french fries from Ikea.. Yummy!! Maybe I should stop by this weekend for some hehe
    Not quick with making assumptions.. just very observant :D
    Well most asians have small eyes, no? It kinda resembles me... haha
    It was FREEE... well I had to pay for the frame which was like a few dollars :)
    I hope you're not boyishh... cause you've been using different color (girly) fonts.. pink, light green, orange?? I mean yeh it's possibly you're a boy that's more towards the girly side hahaa.. No I did not draw that.. I went to Ikea one day and they hired this guy who was doing cartoon drawings.. and I sat there for half an hour letting him draw me. He said I'm chinese so he drew my eyes as if it was closed haha
    You make a good point there.. alright don't return it.. But I think you should find something even cuter that will match you more.. something like girly :)
    but sharon is hot wor!! (her legs anyway) haha

    and rainie is cute ^^
    at least rainie's series is worth watching hehehe
    but yesterday wasn't daddy day for me...
    i called home and go happy fathers day, and parents were like ... errr??? wat u on about, aren't u early... LOL

    and i'm not in uk bb
    city enough for u to find me ga~
    bb smart =D
    or so i thought she was... LOL
    but bb dou mo give me ur addy... dunno where to go

    i told bb im in nyc wor!! so u can come visit first laaaaaaa
    yeh, its a bit weird, I kinda prefer the old layout, i think it was a more clean layout... hard to see what topics are stickies anymore...

    See thats why your so good at spamming, its so natural for you, you dont even know your doing it ahahaha :P

    whaaat its not a snooze fest, its soooo gooood. which one is that with charmaine and raymond?

    no way, a car wash means to make it shiny and clean, just washing off the dust still leaves it dirty... yep still got the bike :)a
    thats ok, yeh the new layout is so so...

    come on, we all spammed to get our VIP! But i did stop and you carrried on haahha :P

    im home troopers one with kevin lam? I quite like it, just a simple story. Also just started watching the fighting one about wong fei hung, thats cool too

    only a hand car wash does the job properly, jet washes suck unless you wana wash off the dust.... its coming to its 4th year now....
    No ways, worked hard spamming to get VIP!!!

    yeh i really enjoyed it, yeh the women and man (dunno his name, but the couple) are really good actors! but they basically play the same role as the last one with the rice, so nothing new.

    Summer is here!!! well hot weather, which means its hand wash time!!!!!!!!!!! swift is ok, service/mot in like june, bets is gonna be expensive....

    Any plans for the summer then?
    hiya brown bear long time no chat lols....im in boring hk lols and guest what i was ill for a wk when i camed bk so unlucky...sometimes still cold like uk but here humid....enjoying...having a great time so far...msg u soon :d hope u are well chat soon xxx
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