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    [ATV-S] Asian Million Star II - 亞洲星光大道 II (2010) [23/23] *COMPLETED*

    Episode 12: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SMAHDSKA Episode 15: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RT1SC2ZG Episode 17: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CG0E21RX
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    Pang Sir is pretty annoying

    You know, it's weird how TVB spent so much time developing Pang Sir's character than sort of abandon him at the end - seems like he should've been more involved in the story towards the end rather than just telling us he got transferred
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    Episode 30 spoiler discussion

    Hmm, I thought that happened already. Though maybe I remember wrong, but I could've sworn I heard the "The three of us won't die here!" line in an episode, maybe the one where Wong He ends up hospitalized
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    How to turn a great series into a cheap love triangle drama

    Yeah, they definitely ruined the feel of Burning Flames in this installment =/
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    Aimee Chan

    A series called Burning Flames is officially ruined thanks to these past episodes -__-;
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    Episode 30 spoiler discussion

    Agree, previews can be very misleading. Without knowing the buildup of it beforehand, we can't tell what happens. Maybe he's really angry and seriously considers it (suicide), or maybe he's recovered and retelling what happened during the whole ordeal.
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    Aimee Chan

    Yeah I like seeing them argue and such, but it seems like a waste of time. Like the writers needed something to make the series 32 episodes long and they use this as filler.
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    I truly hope something develops next episode aside from Wong He's situation with Myolie. I think that would be a bad way to close the series. Like maybe Myolie's uncle appears from nowhere again and puts everyone in a worse spot than before.
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    Wong he

    Agree that he's saving the series (I got bored to death when he was in coma), but this series has gone downhill fast. Now it seems like they're just putting in side stories / action as fillers. Feels like other than his entire ordeal with Myolie, the story really needs a strong climax, cause...
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    Pang Sir is pretty annoying

    I hope they go back in one of the remaining episodes and teach Pang Sir a lesson :D Would not want to see the villain get away so easily!
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    Last hkfilm you watched

    Just finish watching Shinjuku Incident; good to see Jackie in another action movie. Story got intense at many many places.
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    Which of the trilogy do you like best?

    2nd is my favorite; loved Wong Hei's character. Hope he wakes up soon in this one
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    The last two episodes or so were pretty boring, imo. The series is called Burning Flames III, yet it doesn't seem to be living up to its name these past few episodes. Needs more firefighting and less focus on the love stories.
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    Episode 12 ?? Spoilers?

    Yeah he's definitely going to wake up; just hope it's within the next few episodes so things get more interesting
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    Episode 14 spoilers

    I thought it was unfitting for Kevin's character to do something like that; either Kevin's a bad actor or the story isn't that well written.