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  • no its not all i got bro its all you got cause you can't get real cars and live in a racing fantasy! :trollface2: and nothing compares on your xbox its ridiculous. Forza lol that a rip off always will be!
    some's never hung so u dont know wat hung is i dont blame yah the only time u've busted a nut is when bill gates came on stage or if forza's announced :trollface2: gt5 is an olllddd gamee son move on! :facepalm: get her a move if she liek them casual games
    way to go only ppl who aren't hung play xbox! way to go your mommy! :trollface2:
    lol i used locoste before fcuk ...it does smell nice but its too common i dont want to smell like every other guy :P
    matter of fact my bro uses it-_-
    LOL thats hot look at the package:naughty:

    i use FCUK - Him ...no compliments :(
    Sorry, but I don't have that thing with me right now. The soonest I can do it is next Friday when I go home during break.
    Not sure if I understand your question. However, simply put: a home network allows you to have multiple pcs talk to each other, share internet access, share files etc.
    I may have a copy of the IOS. Either way, I believe it is out there on the net. If you are trying to do it legally, then you are right, getting the routers off ebay is the way.
    I'd suggest not going that method-pricy. Nothing extremely illegal about getting the IOS off the net.
    "nowadays, you get all sorts of creepers"

    That's not very nice. I am a girl. I believe forums for discussion only. The gender of a user doesn't really matter.
    acct is a good field; in fact finance in general is in demand. you don't need a graduate degree to get promotion; prbably cpa or cfa or some sort of investment licenses. if u go to college; explore more & follow ur heart cuz life will be boring if u end up doing things u hate.
    You know what, everytime when I see that guy, for some reason, I really think you look like that. lol Are you English?
    Everyday was great except the 25th where all shops were closed. Bulla whos the random guy in your avatar? It looks like he's in jail. lol
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