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  • its not good to play when ur not fully healed!! =/
    awwww that sux...
    i need sleep, if not, i would be completely lost the next day.

    and maybe i just have bad timing? haha
    awwwwww :/ again?? u must put your heart and soul into the game huh? hope u feel better soon!!

    and how do i have anything to do with this? =O
    ouch sorry to hear that!! but hey now u got an excuse, be like, "oh i can't get that, my ankle hurts" with a wink ;), haha nah my jokes! i love watching dramas and all, but then i get all emotional and wished my life was more like theirs...im talking about romantic dramas though! hope u recover soon!
    i definately appreciate all your nice compliments! u seem like a really nice guy, very sincere. of course there are so much beautiful girls out there, im pretty normal lol! thank you so much though, i feel like a celeb! xDD but im an average girl soo just talk to me like im average haha! so hows ur day been? my day has been quite boring xD
    oh i have more in my album, i think i have quite a bit of pictures, but if thats not enough, i could upload more if u want. though i dont know why u need to see more pix of me, im really normal-looking haha! :]
    hey there, sorry it took me a while to reply! yes i do have a facebook, but it has alot of personal information so i only add people i know in real life!! ^__^
    alrighty! that will be good because i won't get lost and that happens alot to me! xD there was this one time when i was visiting my friend at her new apartment which was on the other side of town, but i got lost and had to ask for directions from about 4 people, and guess what? I just had to head straight down the road from where i was and make a right turn..........fail! :]
    oh, well i plan on going there eventually. ugh, i hate being bored, today has been really slow for me.
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