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    Vertigo to remake "Death Note" for U.S.

    i didnt even enjoy the jap death note. :( hope this will be better but i really doubt it
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    PSP as a Media Player

    do you guys know what type of files can a psp play. eg rmvb, divx, avi etc. thanks a lot.
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    Anyone into old school Martial Arts Movies (eg Shaw Brothers films) ?

    i love shaw brothers films but more on the wuxia side and less on the kung fu side. especially the chor yuen gu long adaptations. i havent watched all 18 of them though yet cause its hard to get here in the philippines.
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    Jet Li's fearless

    one of the best martial arts films ever
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    Dragon Tiger Gate Movie Discussion

    give me donnie yen paired with better opponents without the cgi anytime
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    The Forbidden Kingdom

    jackie chan and jet lee together! a dream come true. for hollywood? :(
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    Triangle - 铁三角 [2007]

    wow for the directors. is this any good considering the quality of its directors?
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    Overall what i think

    hi, i have been looking for a series with many twists and turns like the chor yuen gu long adaptations. is this like this? and can someone expound what boring means here? does it have a lot of talking parts and not enough action? I personally like a lot of talking if the script is good. thanks.