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  • Hi candy, I've recently started dl'ing the show "Love Bond" that you uploaded on SendSpace, and the link for episode 16 doesn't seem to work. Can you kindly re-upload that episode please?

    Thanks a ton.
    Hi, i was wondering if you could tell me the drama in your screen pic, i've been trying to find this drama for ages, thanks :)
    Hey just to let you know, in your megaupload for The New Heaven Sword And The Dragon Sabre - 倚天屠龍記 (1986), your link for chapter 5 is actually chapter 6. And Chapter 6 is 6. Appreciate your work,
    hi candy, alex here, do really need yr help, i knew that u upload hong kong drama "At The Threshold Of An Era" but episode 36 (corrupted) & episode 49 is episode 50. can you plz upload again. i am big fans for this drama. you kind help very much appreciated.tq
    Hi, I was wonder do you know those songs' name during the 金鑽情歌忘不了 and do you know where i can download them? Thanks
    hi candy10013! I was looking at your display picture...and i was wondering...do you know the series name and where to download it? I watched this show when i was little, and i've been looking for it. Thanks
    hi candy10013! im watchin at the threshold of an era 2 thanks to your posting:D!! just wanted to say thankyou!! and if you can repost episode 52 again as it isn't working:D!!! THANKS HEAPS!!
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