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    Need HK Advice

    just came back from HK yesterday, i find cheung chau also a nice place to visit. Its 33 min-55 min with the boat from central depending on what ship u take. Other places on lantau island worth visiting might be tai o, mui wo etc... but those are maybe better if u have friends going with you, cuz...
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    White power milk

    yeah lol, got it from shimmy xD At first i thought he was again making some sick jokes lol, but turns out to be real...
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    White power milk

    Soooooo any of you wanna buy some gargled milk? :D 275 USD for 2 oz :D lol http://whitepowermilk.com/
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    Last Game You Were Playing

    yeah, simple concept but so addicting... music and graphics are nice too. im playing it with keyboard too since i dont have a xbox =D
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    Last Game You Were Playing

    super meat boy... pretty awesome but hard =D
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    I suppose... its in cantonese after all =D
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    Lol for those who are familiar with doraemon =D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTiZDTHSNRM" 變你個屎忽落個頭到 haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTiZDTHSNRM"][youtube]wTiZDTHSNRM[/youtube
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    PA Halloween Costume Contest ala Moi

    U could use a piece of paper and write PA or halloween contest +name or w/e and hold it while wearing the costume =D
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    Cristano Ronaldo

    Messi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> cristiano ronaldo
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    Post an Epic Image

    he's bill from tokio hotel
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    lol nothing better to do huh master g? :P nice video though lol WIN! EDIT: Now I remember who ProudAsianGuy was when I saw those thread lmao...
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    The PA Pixel Wall

    haha thanks :)
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    This is how a proper paper should be written

    lmao [email protected] for references xD
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    Describe PA Members

    brown_bear - creativity + sexiness?
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    The PA Pixel Wall

    I'll use mini-chi!!!