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  • i cant remmeber where i was, I prolly got back from the shops or something haha, its sonic and sega all stars racing, you should try it out, even a girl can play it :D
    hello cnj from cali!! in from England, got back not long ago, just cleaned my room, waiting for my game to get released on Friday, not much else :D
    yeah no probs for late reply >.< its quite a good movie, bit to much special effects but thats storm riders for ya. lol no jet lagging, im pretty much ok now though, managed to get my sleep pattern back :D
    my sleep pattern is totally buggered, woke up like 5pm and its 4am now and im fully awake!! right now im watching 'storm riders 2' and drinking tea :D just saw the usual bunch of crazy foxes (literal foxes, not referring to females >.<) outside my window making a lot of noise, they are real odd.

    besides that nothing much happening!!
    below is the link to the guide for putting up music

    Mp3 In Profiles - PA - Entertainment Destination

    If you have any problems let me know, most people seem to use fileden.com to host their music but i use fileave.com so its up to you.
    nothing much at the moment, its to cold to do anything!! you've been here for a while but ive never seen you here before, sneaky ehh :P

    so how are you?
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