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  • RAWR!!
    ("( 'o' )")
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    wishing you a,

    *~Merry Berry Christmas~*
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    . ,*@*,

    hope u get whatever u want!
    Have fun and enjoy yourself ^^

    x x
    hey hey gurliee...-kiss1
    the thread..im not sure whut happened to it...=/
    but i'm a go and find out nows....okies~~!
    yeah .. i get what you were saying ... still i like my wife to be up front about it.. wanna know something, just ask until you're satisfy .. playing dumb (good or bad) will not resolve anything. it's best to get it off your chest .. yes, i want to know more .. i don't understand blah blah blah .. i have nothing to hide .. HOWEVER, if she doesn't ask, i won't tell.
    stay up late .. that's normal .. at least for the next few days more .. lol

    "smart woman knows when to play dumb" .. now .. that's even more scarier. the last thing anyone want is a "faker" .. know what i mean. if you can't be yourself, then it's sad. playing dumb to me is very deceiving and if i found out later, i will be even more pissed .. of course, that's me ... i dunno about others.
    30 years old w/ one kid is LATE ... I should be having a few kids now if I followed the family tradition. Most of my cousins have 3-5 kids already and they are about 1-2 years younger than me.

    Here was my plan .. college 20, grad school 24, work, family 26, kid 27, and more and more ..lol

    Obviously, life doesn't go as planned .. sigh .. I hope to have more kids .. lol

    anyway .. about you being diff from most gal .. good and bad .. good that you're looking out for yourself .. bad .. guys don't like smart chick .. lolllll i wish that on my sis so i don't need to worry about her .. lol
    lol .. 80% older than active members in the forum .. i guess i will be 99.9% older than the other w/ the exception of ralph.. lol

    you seem to grasp the relationship stuff pretty well .. lol .. everyone is going to you to "shit" .. lol .. have you considered of becoming a therapist and then charging them for the time .. .lol
    Your senior? NO way. Age is just a number and doesn't say much about us as individual. You have to understand that wisdom comes from our life experiences. A person half my age may be way more maturer than me cuz they have seen and experienced a lot in his/her life. That's why there's mutual respect between each other. Not sure if you're getting what I am trying to convey here. My thoughts are cloudy since it's Monday morning .. lol

    To me, naive is a momentary feeling; not really a trait per se.
    lol .. i bet you're probably thinking the same about my comments sometimes... naive .. lol have you realize something? it's funny that things happened to us in younger days where we wish so much to know the resources to resolve the problem, etc .. however, as we grow older and know the resources yet we don't apply them when we're in the same situation again .. know what i mean?

    me now .. happy .. philosopher lives a lonely life .. i don't like that .. lol
    well, ppl here are relatively young and a lot of their comments are naive or one-sided .. you know .. lol
    mid-life crisis .. lol .. i "think" what i have now is what i wanted ... as we age, our views on life change and our needs followed .. you know what i mean ...

    sane .. yeah . .you are .. not sarcastically at all .. something i didn't expect .. lol
    wow .. dawn .. you sound so damn sane .. lol

    married life or not .. i am at a stage where there are so many things going on ... i lost my direction and hanging by a thread sorta speak .. life can be like:

    goes on ..... then . or
    goes on ..... then ! or
    goes on ..... then ? or
    goes on ..... then ......

    know what i mean?
    spring is a mating season? dunno .. over here, spring is the time to clean out the house .. have you heard of spring cleaning? lol so i can understand the breakups .. lol at least you have a life .. i don't hang out much these days .. save money and not much to do .. used to hangout for a movie with friends, dinner, road trips, clubs, bars, and gal .. now .. too expensive .. lol

    busy as a dad .. dunno yet .. probably .. but definitely not gonna get up at 3:00 AM .. since i am working, my wife will take care of everything at home .. lol .. it's a woman's job after all ..hahahhah

    i don't drink wine that much .. whatever my in-laws sent me .. i prefer red over white .. not hardcore drinker so i don't know a lot about wine at all... lol.
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