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  • hahah .. balut? they were long gone ..

    shiraz? never heard of it.

    my wify won't be back until december 2nd. i leaving for il after november 15th so you won't see me online as often after that at least until next year. year end is the worst .. busy with so much stuffs .. the holidays, the parties, the clean-up, the traveling, the shopping, tax, new budget plan at home, work,etc .. you name it...lol it's shitty especially with finance.

    anyway, what about yourself? what's new??
    there is fruity red wine too .. both wines have its dry and fruity versions .. i think .. lol

    you can find balut in all asian markets .. it's a must have

    well, you should try different foods (potato chip ain't good for you) ... i have tried insects, alligator, rabbit, dog meat .. they all taste like chicken .. anyway, i only had them once so yeah .. i will not try it again .. not cuz i am scared but the "mentality" of eating them got the best of me... lol

    you know what's disgusting? eating ox tail and balls .. lol .. that's just nasty. oh yeah, i think if i have to sit in front of a few more PETA vids, I will forever be a vegetarian .. lol
    really? i guess guys are into red meat more so we prefer red wine over white ..

    gals are more into seafood and white goes better with that .. so yeah .. honestly, i think it's the culture that somewhat influence our preference rather than our taste ..

    as for the balut .. we usually have those or nuts or squid as a side for beer and liquor .. you know .. gotta have something .. not good to drink with an empty stomach .. lol it's believed to increase aphrodisiac but i don't feel anything ... lol .. with a bunch of guys .. nah ... not gay .. lol i was wide awake when i kicked them home .. then shower and hit the sack .. lol boring bday .. old like i said .. there is not much to do ..
    she sent me a frozen cheese cake .. lol

    my friend bought me a dozen of balut .. lol .. yummmmmy not sure if you're into that .. lol wine & cheese = the entire night ... .lol
    thx .. i was ok until your reminder of the baby next year .. sigh .. j/k

    i don't party anymore .. too old now.
    nah .. we or at least won't leave our baby with grandma .. my mom's old and her mom is far away so yeah .. best to take care of our child.

    blaming your dad's sperm .. lol .. can't blame him to be disappointed though .. i would too ... let's hope not .. lol
    point for traveling? lol ... nah .. we won't be traveling anywhere that's not drivable distance in the next three to four years. baby is too young to hit the plane ..

    i am kinda worry as time draws closer .. my wife and i refused to know the sex of the baby or babies until birth .. the only thing we ask the doc to tell us is whether s/he is safe and healthy .. lol
    how did you friend react to the gift? shocked or mad?? how do you what size to get anyway .. lol

    i went out with my bros today for dinner and then i came back home afterward instead hitting the bar with them. believe it or not, i didn't wanna waste money. going cheap now .. sigh .. so embarrassing... i just noticed that about myself .. i miss the old days where i can travel on first class and have the maid service clean my house once a week .. lol
    wow .. seriously .. condom as bday gift .. lots of gut there .. i don't think i can do it .. you know .. asian thing about saving face .. can't look CHEAP .. lol but i guess between good guy friends, it's still ok .. i never thought about it.

    wify will be moving in with my mom until birth so yeah .. i am free for the two months .. then she will move back to Illinois with her parents for a month .. so yeah .. a total of 3-4 months all by myself .. lol

    i already made plans with my frat bros so i won't be boring .. lol
    so did you try giving condom as wedding gift to your ex(s)? didn't expect that came from you .. lol
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