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    What to do in Toronto?

    Tour downtown Toronto, some very nice little cafes and pastry shops!
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    How to Maximize 2 Nights in NYC

    Soho & Times Square! To maximize time, take the cab instead of walking!
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    Bloating? anyone got advice?

    Drink one cup of coffee a day!
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    How to style hair while pregnant?

    I would avoid any chemicals...
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    Kate Tsui's 'Kiss Me Kate'

    Dislike her X 100000000
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    How you like your chicken?

    Roast chicken! - Swiss Chalet especially
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    Do you think breakfast is important for you?

    I never used to eat breakfast, but now if I don't I wont be able to function past 11 am!
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    Coke VS Water

    Coke once in a while is OK... should never substitute for water!
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    Do you eat bread?

    I love wonder bread! Even though it probably not as healthy...
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    Apple/Mango Fruit

    haha cooL!
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    Janice Man Wing-shan (文詠珊)

    Janice Man > Angela Baby
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    Edison Chen Sexually Harassing Mainland Actress Joyce Wu?

    Wouldn't put it past this guy...