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    Best Series of the Academy Saga?

    not sure if there was a debate on this topic or not. Would you say this is the best series out of the 3 Academy Saga?
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    Just watch the TVB award show. Very happy for Tavia and very nice of Charmaine to give her a kiss onstage
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    Song in episode 3

    Does anyone know who sang and the name of the song at around 5 minutes into the show (when Anita was leaving to get help for Gallen)?
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    Beyond the Realm Vs. Born Riches

    I know these 2 series are quire different. Are people watching this series also watching Born riches?
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    Fala Chen

    What do you think of her performance? Her performance seems to be inconsistent. She can be good at times and bad at times.
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    Who do you want to see as a guest on this show?

    One of my favorite artist is Jessica Hsuan. I wish they invite to this show. I curious to see if she knows how to cook. Who do you want to see on this show?
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    What is your favorite episode?

    I absolutely love this show. Well, I like watching all the competition cooking show such as iron chef and others...but this one is absolutely funny. Who knew that so many artists don't know how to cook. I don't know which one is my favorite... Just wanted to what other people's favorite is
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    How is this series?

    Need some opinion. I'm debating which one I should watch. I've seen one episode of DIE2 and it wasn't as good as DIE1. I have You're hired but I'm not a fan of the artists that starred in the serie. Should I skip all the other 2 and watch this one?
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    How is DIE 2

    I haven't started watching yet. Is it good? Worth watching?
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    [TVB-M] A Handful Of Love - 一屋兩家三姓人 (2004) [20/20][C]

    Thanks for the posting Love this show
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    [DDL] Raymond Lam - Love Searching You In Memory [Released November 23, 2007]

    One of the best albums I've heard in a while.