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    Three Kingdoms RPG

    Oh must have missed that episode, been giving this series a hit and miss.
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    Three Kingdoms RPG

    nggg so has his smartphone ran out battery? haven't seen him use it for many episodes..... LOL they should have emphasised on this feature.
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    Three Kingdoms RPG

    I like the drama as it has a humour to it but I do agree to criticisms that Kenneth Ma expressions are way over exaggerated even for a comedy. Just kinda make him look like a spastic or something and childish. Communicating between the time travel by a smartphone messaging is good idea but can a...
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    Master Of Play - First impressions/thoughts on series

    Oh....????? so he dies from being schizophrenia..... hmmm freaky.
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    Android Apps Recommendations!

    Try "touchpal" supports many languages including handwriting, download the module for it too. Also qq input is very good since it's made by a chinese company.
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    What do you think about the end ?

    An unfair ending for the lead characters pair, after all she's given out and end up with nothing at the end. The rich guy repents but has already ruined a girls life but gets his wife back... chaaa and the worst thing is Ron ends up with someone he feels sorry for. Chaa Chaa Chaaa!!! Well that's...
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    [IMPORTANT] Megaupload file-sharing site shut down [IMPORTANT]

    OMG! just tried download some backlogs of drama episodes that I missed and found this out. Nothing touched MU for free downloading.... those cheapskates company. Anonymous always at the front line to teach them a lesson, good for them. But this will cost a long time and money if MU ever comes...
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    Bottled Passion - 我的如意狼君 (2011)

    Touching but senseless ending. What the heck was the man thinking, as if he didn't wanted to survive to get to the girl before he dies? leaving poor milk candy lost for 6 six years before the doctor reveals the truth. hmmm
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    Bottled Passion - 我的如意狼君 (2011)

    OK, the business miracle drama, not bad. Soya sauce mixed rice brings me my young days memories. heheheee still good when hungry.
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    Super Snoops - 荃加福祿壽探案

    crap joke copied from a clip I saw on youku in the missing sister case where the guy married the fatso cos of a bet.
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    Super Snoops - 荃加福祿壽探案

    sigh..... is anybody not tired of these guys doing the same things over and over again. Wong cho laam sucks might as well get a sex change and this is supposed to be a big name drama before the TVB Birthday gala soon.
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    [TVB-M] Men with No Shadows - 不速之約

    OMG! wat de heck -what?.... the devil is now human:ugh2:... so what's with all the supernatural stuff before? he faced the sister devil vs. angel and now you tell me he's just human-bigsmiles... suck on it -madsign1.
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    First thoughts and impressions ?

    No, so Raymond Lam is not the devil, it's the devil let him come back as his soul reaver... he has emotions because he was human and acting in front of doctor O ..... I guess love will conquer all and R Lam will repent in the end... my prediction, could be wrong.
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    First thoughts and impressions ?

    cool series, although not original still good to see it in hk culture style....
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    Bosco Wong as Michael So Sing Pak (蘇星柏)

    Yeah pretty good role and good acting.... and lick those soles LOL. He getting good, acting that is....