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    [TV-Anime][DDL]Nintama Rantarou (cantonese or japanese w/ subs)

    Hi everyone! I've been looking for Nintama Rantarou for soooo long I've gone to all the dvd shops that might carry it and i haven't found it. Nintama Rantarou use to run on Fairchild television and I taped it ^^ ...but sadly my dad threw all the vhs tapes away T_T so if anyone does have...
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    JCKDO Productions (dragonside)

    thanks guys =D ahahha I'll try to do some more songs after my midterms =D Uni's pretty busy these days ^^; and hopefully record some better sounding songs thanks again for you comments, i appreciate it =)
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    JCKDO Productions (dragonside)

    Hi all! I wanted to say that I enjoy singing and I'd thought I'd share some songs that I sang. I speak cantonese at home but who knows if i'm fluent xD I am not fluent in mandarin but i try =D I'm an Eason fan =D so I'd like to continue singing more of his songs...
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    Would you rather have a set lifespan of 100 years or die normally?

    hmm i'd rather not take it like if you get like a horrible disease when you're 90, 10 years of suffering if you want to live all the way to 100 it isn't worth it. sometimes things are best left unknown
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    [DDL] Sammi Cheng - Ultimate Collection & E.Discography [Released September 18, 2006]

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    Is AGE a problem??

    ehmm this topic is always sorta iffy for me like age shouldn't matter, but if the difference is too big, it's just hard to communicate because there's this gap inbetween if both people can communicate well in the relationship well, go with the flow i guess for me i'd just stick with those of my...
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    Does Height Matter?

    it's hard to say, if you don't mind, well it shouldn't people may say a couple doesn't match, but as long as they love each other, who cares if they match so it really depends on how you think.
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    Chinese, japanese or English Anime

    heh heh i actually don't mind any of them english dubbed is fine if it's uncut jap w/ subs if it's one piece which will later go to eng dubbed with funi chinese, well only for some animes like doraemon, or like cooking master boy they just "sound" right to me so yea =D
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    Mu Online

    it's not worth it I'd much rather play conquer online, if you're still interested in MMORPG try conquer online out it's pretty good =D
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    Guitar Hero 3

    O_O crazy guitar skillz shites...ahhaha wish i could play it i've only seen people play it >.<
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    Mother Teresa's Crisis of Faith Part 2

    that's ...an interesting way to interpret it but only mother teresa truly knows it is human nature , it is animalistic nature
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    Tavia Yeung Voted as Most Favorable Actress; Myolie Wu Voted as Most Repulsive

    whoa O_o myolie as most repulsive? that's missed up well tavia as most favorable seems right heh heh chubby boyfriend LOL funny news =D
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    Charlene Choi Breaks Up with Ronald Cheng After 3 Years of Dating

    oh well maybe ronald'll get back with miriam =D charlene choi seemed too young for ronald anyways although sometimes with love, well you never know
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    Take it OR Leave it?!

    i'll be the devil's advocate I'll take it =D Lose my sight then donate that 5 million to the Blind Association hehe that's if i was the devil's advocate but to lose one of your senses for money wouldnt' be worth it.
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    Google Image Your Screenname!

    yea first image it's furniture =D