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  • I sent you a message on YIM a few time but u didn't response. Is there something wrong with your yim? Talk to you later.
    edwig - you really need to delete all your msgs in your inbox haha

    anyways.. about bbs:

    Screenshot: http://i54.tinypic.com/11r62ko.png

    For some reason the other option will only work in Google Chrome.. not tried IE, but using FireFox it will appear 1sec but not enough time to click on it and select.
    That's all - and just leave the other things as it is.. title just follow my format but change the year and that.. oh and also they wan't simplified chinese title not traditional.
    Hey edwig [can't PM you, since your inbox is full] so post on your profile.

    Was just searching and found your post in this thread: Popular Asians - Entertainment Destination and those members are still waiting for your links (incase you fogotten) :P
    hey will you be updating the
    PA - Entertainment Destination
    thread??? thanks so far.. =)
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