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goo wak jai

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  • Assuming all the links still works.. did you try joining the two files (xx.001 and xx.002) with HJ split? Small program found easily by searching in Google. Simple to use. Click Join and it'll give you a video file after and it SHOULD play

    Add me on facebook yo! lol

    Ah yeah, I'm getting ready for finals right now. Summer- totally can't wait. Moving to another province. Excited! What plans do you have?
    Ah, it's the time in our life when we are busy. I get that too.

    I been good, pretty much getting back on track after finding a motivation.

    All to their own I guess, but Jessica is good looking too. The music is SNSD - Mistake, Fah got the music for my profile =)
    Lol says I'm a girl... dun dun DUUN!

    I post occasionally on the forum. I see you on a lot. But no posts lol.

    I've been doing alright. Studying for finals right now. I'm glad you remember me too haha.
    How's life been with you?
    Mo meR? o_O
    Hmmm... Thought yau woR T_T
    Me okieee laaa lei dim aR? ^^
    U postin ur pix on PA ey? ;)
    you aint been on for over a year...??...do ya wanna know why...??..coz you were BANNED....!!!..
    hahahhahaa......i shouldnt be on PA that muchy too....got so much work that i should be doing *sigh*
    anyways im good thx...and you how ya been....?..
    yup i'm new:)
    yup yup my names steffi...and yes its spelled diffrently to stephy tang's stephy..lol
    i'm fine how are youu??
    i like your name..it sounds ....very goo wak lol!!
    lol...seems like most ppl still remember my name :P....
    im cool im cool.... how abt urself? busy? dont think i see u online that often....
    same goes for me tho.... ;)
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