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    What Chinese dialect do you speak?

    my first language was Cantonese but i wasn't born in Hong Kong or china. i was born in Vietnam and so were my parents and my grandma. my ancestor were from Guangdong, xing wu. so since i was born in Vietnam i have to learn Vietnamese for school. later on, i immigrate to US with my parents and...
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    Mandy Wong

    i personally think Mandy Wong is a great actress even though she not the lead. especially in L'Escargot, she way she act is just hilarious. what do you guys think?
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    Girl's attraction

    short-styled hair no facial hair sense of humor taller than me (im only 5'3" ) equal or have a higher education (planning to get a BA) loyalty pensive honest yup...im never getting marry -___-
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    Brother and Bestfriend

    she does. but hes younger.
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    Brother and Bestfriend

    sorry for the long post, but i really need help
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    Brother and Bestfriend

    im in college and i live off campus with my brother and one of my best friend. about 6 months ago, my best friend told me that my brother confessed to her. the reasons she told me was 1) because we're best friends and there no secret between me and her 2) because she was hoping that im ok...