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  • omg, no way... the code is used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Or maybe the code you have sent me is invalid.

    The coupon you entered is invalid or has already been used. Please check the coupon code and re-enter it above.
    Thanks. I got the code. At first, I thought the "Buy Movies" section for buying the DVD since you can get a DVD for around $20, but it's still a download.
    I think I'm going to preorder NHL 13 for sure.

    But i want to get PES too. I'm wondering if i should use the rewards point to get $10 off PES 2012 (it's $30 right now brand new).. or just get $10 off PES 2013 plus another $10 rewards point (in total $20). But i have nothing to buy at BB.

    Thing is, i want to play online for PES too.. so if i buy 2012.. not a lot of people goes online anymore
    Say if i preorder two games ill have 20$ rewards? I can use that to buy another game?
    Future shop is buy 3 games at full price, get one free?

    BestBuy is $10 off + $10 rewards? How do i use the reward credit?

    Which deal is better? :P
    nah, that's fine. I'm just going to try it out now. Hard to tell if it works or not. Sorry for that.


    Once I get my camera, I'll starting filming.
    I found a video editor that is not free but you can illegally enter a registration code when you install the software.
    I was wondering if install the software and do all the set up on my USB will I be able open the software on another computer and use it (Without entering the registration code and without installation)? So, I guess every time I want to use the video editor, I have to plug in my USB and use the editor.

    Or can I burning the software on a CD so I can have a copy the software. Can I just insert the CD and use the editor without installing anything? (Same idea: (Without entering the registration code and without installation)

    I'm afraid that the registration code won't work someday (maybe the company reject that code), so I won't be able to use the software anymore. Just want to have a copy of the software and be able to use it forever.

    Thank you.
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