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  • long story, when this new profile came, out we were tagging other peopl'es profile. But that died off.
    Me and ecko has some tagging competition :shifty: oh and hihi thanks for the add ^^
    sup hiake babee/ it is always a pleasure to spar with the intellectual type...glad you didnt hack me up with the spelling :)

    I think I'm becoming more asian then I have ever been...so I stopped watching English movies and the like...now I'm watching korean movies and learning Korean :) I can read and sound out the words easily, but dont really know what it means though...that is the way the Korean language is structured...

    Summer hasnt really started in Mtl...but working and bored like hell...whoops...not supposed to write like that in front of a lady///but hey...i'm bored and looking for a fight..

    any urself? any travelling plans for the summer? cheers
    hIAKE ,,,glad u r still on the up-and-up with PA...woot...I talk like I'm real regualr now :) been watching " full house" the korean drama,,,it is a good series...cheers
    lol too bad i can't help with the religious thing, but i'm sure if you start something then eventually a few peeps would pop in haha...
    thanks hiake.....anyways the cure......annoying, shaking and poking u simultaneously would do:yes:
    lol nothing, just see what you up to...but forum inertia eh...we gonna have to find a cure for that -devil:rolleyes2:
    Yea hiake busy watching all the movies u can or what:biggthumpup:
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