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  • Dead was referring to the fact that the cage in chinese school is closed, hence there is no football pitch to play football (even though it's not a pitch). The real pitch is too dirty (muddy during rainy days).

    Lost motivation was referring to your brother himself, cause he knows how to speak cantonese anyway. Most of us go chinese school to have fun.
    Foreals, EMYM is kinda dead (not as intense as No Regrets).

    Why'd he quit, is it cause it's dead now or just lost motivation?
    It's aite, I won't say it is better than Ipman 1 though.
    It just seems dry init, maybe because it was on some crappy quality though.

    Whatcha think about No Regrets?
    You seen Donnie Yen's latest movie - "Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen - 精武風雲-陳真" yet?
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