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    Japanese Beyonce

    That was all lip-syncing, right?
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    Tourists 'Forced To Shop' In Hong Kong

    That's not a surprise at all. The tourism industry in Asia and South East Asia is saturated with contracts made between different tour operators, travel agencies and businesses. I had that happen to me in Thailand, where I was 'forced' to shop, or at least pretend to be interested in buying...
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    Boy develops fish scales at 14 months old

    I just read about it, and it seems to be an autosomal recessive disorder. What are the odds... that two parents, each carrying the defective allele! Crazy! I think, if there was genetic testing available to this family, then maybe they could have been given a choice........ this baby boy looks...
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    Restaurant Serves Breast Milk Cheese

    I'm puzzled as to how this isn't a public health violation...
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    Where are you guys from?

    I think this forum is made up mainly of overseas Chinese, eg. CBC, ABC, BBC, etc. We are informed about HK issues and culture because we care about our roots!
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    Any fellow PAer's applying for medical school?

    Me? MCAT... not so exciting. [30S] SIGH. I thought because this was an Asian forum, there would be so many 'hard-core' Chinese kids with crazy Chinese parents who force them into medical school, pharmacy or law. *I chose med by myself. My parents aren't typical Chinese parents.
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    Any fellow PAer's applying for medical school?

    Thanks for the tips guys. I'm not sure how the process is elsewhere, but in Canada, it's pretty fierce here. Negiqboyz, where did you study at for med?
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    Any fellow PAer's applying for medical school?

    Don't tell me I'm the only one! So stressful, ai. Just had an interview today. Now I can't even focus, all I think about is what happened earlier today and the long dreaded wait (we find out in May whether we are accepted/rejected). Any other fellow PAer's also medical school hopefuls? Care...
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    Pen BeatBox -_-

    I never heard of 'pencil beat' until this... and it turns out there's hundreds of other 'pencil taps/beats' on youtube. This is talent/interesting...?
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    What are your good points and what are your faults!!!

    Sounds like someone's preparing for a job interview?
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    Which is the best country to visit???

    Really, it depends on what your interests are and how big your budget is. This is a silly question, IMHO....
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    People asking me why I didn't go to Waterloo University

    Good points khaotic and good for telling people to STFU. People always think that it's the 'name' and 'reputation' of a school that counts. But there are so many other factors that one must consider before deciding on which university to attend.
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    HIV hubby injected wife with his blood

    There are ways that people who are HIV+ can still have sex. They just have to be extremely cautious. But ya, what a selfish twisted jerk. I'm glad the NZ courts are taking serious action.
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    Absent Lecturers + Useless Lecturers

    Actually, that's not entirely true. All major Canadian universities offer an undergraduate degree in law - Bachelor of Laws or LLB. It's just like medical school, where upon graduation you get your Doctorate of Medicine, M.D., which is also at the undergraduate level. Just because these...
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    Language maintenance

    Agree with Kay there too. Chinese school is the biggest waste of time, and gives parents the faulty re-assurance that their kids are learning Chinese. Teachers interact with students in English to improve their own English, while students naturally talk to their peers in English. Everything was...