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  • Hmmm .. Leah but not spelt like Leah.. interesting XD you can have 2 identities!!

    i knew it haha its a common name for both guys and girlsXD i have 3 friends guys and girls [written completely different in chinese] who also have the name Chi!! totally jakd my name like T_T
    ou liya .. utsukushii desu !! ^_^ puts a smile on your face when you say it
    haha by any chance your friend chi is female ?!!? XD
    Raymond lam .. not a bad choice!! korean music is nice even though i dont understand one bit of what they are singing XD unless someone translate the lyrics

    haha im such a idiot.. been spamming your profile but still havent really introduced myself XD
    Hello I'm Chi [you probably guessed already since it's my PA ID] nice to meet you XD
    going from angelababy+janice man to natalie tong feels exciting init ?!! hmmm actually it doesnt 2 into 1 .. wheres the fun in that XD but it may not be natalie tong for you.. since when i was 17 angelababy+janice man didnt really exist so it might differ slightly.. =p

    who knows .. it could be linda chung.. fala chan... momoko tao even!! heck it could even be a guy !!BIG BANG!! hahaa
    hahah oh dear god have i found another younger version of me in female form again?
    Lazyness [Check]
    Leaves thing until the last minute (most of the time)[?]
    Oh wait...I thought you said 2 days you finish before the HSC result hahahahaha
    my brother finish on the wednesday too :XD:
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