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    Dark Circles

    Wow....thnx...i never heard of that spoon thingy.... so i do this everyday or whut?
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    crosses are cool... i'd love a small cross on my wrist but its too "visible" whut part of the body u wanna have it?
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    i go with spray~~ sometimes the roll on ones... easier to carry around
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    Winter Fashion (for colder places)

    those jackets with fur theyre referred to by my friends as as pimpy jackets cos alot of the popular guys wear them lol!
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    Pants that are too long

    Otherwise, I go to places like Bluenotes, where I can pick the length of my jeans. And American Eagle jeans come in "short" and they fit me just fine.
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    Do you like this drama?

    finished ep. 8, feel sry for Wong Hei well so far..i love it, Tavia look so charming!!!! it's def. better than Green Grass Of Home __________________
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    Anne Heung as Nicole...

    yup i agree with you. Anne's really good in this series .. both her looks and acting! I really hope she will appear again in this series..
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    Is Drive of Life better or this?

    i think its a pretty good start for me (drive of life) i kinda wonder if this show would be good though
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    Wong Hei in Fathers and Sons

    he is indeed a good father in this movie ,but like you all said he is very lady-like. A bit too girly for my taste. Look at the way he run....a big turn off. However, his role this time is totally diff. from the other ones that he had before. hopefully he can be a bit manly but still keep his...
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    Do u consider a girl size12 fat?

    i don't know chick sizes... lol how big is size 12? :s
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    kiSS Me

    love this songggg....<3 and now i love it even more.... brownieeee ur sooo super duper kawaii.....<3!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Your dream wedding dress!

    i want the one that is short in the front but long at the back