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  • Ohh just a general question.. no i dont watch that stuff, i dont even like the adverts on megauploads nevermind porn. i dont watch that stuff atall in anyway whatsoever. if i got that desperate then i would get myself a wife rather then watch naked strangers, its gross >.<

    Matthew 5:28 (King James Version)
    But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

    im playing some games, ill go bed after :P
    Which vids are you talking about, ill give you an idea of what i watch and what i dont watch.

    I turned the movie "Watchmen" off at the stupid unnecessary sex scence or whatever you call it, but anyway, what vid are you talking about and what caused you to ask this, something must have been typed in the forum, answer quick, gota go bed soon. !!!!
    whether that be good or bad
    waa, even with scripture, people skip words and following sentences to make a point :P, even so......

    and im not religious, if you want to see religious then look at a catholic kissing objects and praying/bowing to a bunch of things, or monks burning incense to Buddha gfight1, i simply have a relationship with the creator. (Y)

    Renji has a spliff, your a naughty girl. :kekekegay:
    youll find guys tend to be nice on the "honeymoon period", after that you see our true form, whether that be good or bad, even so... :Talktohand:-devil

    And why is Renji smoking a big spliff? looks like a liquorish rollup
    haha 荣毅 hehe this is my real name^^that is a cross stitch i made for my friend.and i took this pic beofre i sent it^^
    From what i remember hearing or reading, it has a nasty taste, not very nice for the taste buds but thats the case for most things of that kind.
    Yeah colloidal silver was used all the time WAAAAAAY back in the day and it kills EVERY virus but today our health is governed by the FDA and the World health organisation who only promote drugs, they even were trying to ban vitamin tablets if you can remember that. there is plenty stuff out there that the both of us dont know about.

    all the costs and info:
    i wanted to get it before the swine came out, i just never got round to doing it because of the hassle of ordering from the USA, but this was as good a time as any, its not for that though, its for general health just like vitamin tabs and fish oil, ive prolly had swiney already and passed though it thinking it was just a sore throat like most of us.

    Colloidal silver does not make you blue even when you take ultra large amounts, ionized water is what you referring to, MASSIVE difference between them, though it is usually advertised as being colloidal silver for commercial purposes, that will make you go blue only if you drink stupid amounts and tbh it doesn't help much.

    i dont care about the cost but i do care about hidden costs like this customs charge!!!!!!!!
    i bought colloidal silver and its now in the UK but i just found out that i got to pay £20 customs charge :mad:-cry2
    awww thx...2 cakes....as well..!!

    the beasty one is kinda scary though...looks like the hands are cut off or something -lol
    did i tell you i wanna study abroad? haha!!!i still wanna.but no money support.so hard for me.
    哈哈 曾经抗美援朝就是从这经过的 现在还有遗址 防空洞什么的 呵呵!!!~~ 只有一江之差,两个国家。
    We do it just to keep the forum interesting, im still new though, an apprentice, you would be surprised what people can come up with when faced with boredom, in your case i was genuinely saying happy b'day
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