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  • LOL .. thx .. memorable .. nah .. just another day .. dunno anyone to celebrate with and refuse to tell anyone. My wife did record a short vid with our daugther and sent it to me via cam. Nothing special.
    law .. it's okay .. i pretty much to myself these days .. too many things going on. scholarship applications, term paper deadlines, midterms, finals, and case studies. worst than working right now .. at least back at work, I can have the pawn scums do all the grunt work but now, i gotta do everything myself ... research, phone calling, court filings, etc. .. oh yeah, i am spending tomorrow, my bday alone in the library .. how's that to kick off the weekend .. sucks to be me now.
    lol .. my wife'sback in IL .. i am here studying .. gotta focus .. a lot of research and reading .. no life really and no money .. lol .. but gotta admit ... kinda enjoy the single-hood now .. not missing the past .. lol
    Hey .. what are you up to these days? I don't visit PA much but try to and to my surprise, I don't find many of your posts .. weird .. what's up? Busy?? Hope all is well.
    Thanks, at least with you around, PA will still be updated! Good luck on your studies too!
    :( I'm gonna stop with the news once uni starts for me. I need to get settled in as a college student and learn to deal with living alone, campus life, studying & finals, etc. Hopefully it will be an easy transition for me. I'll definitely contribute and resume my duties to the news during my breaks and summer though.
    well i like shippuden better more action and everyone is older and has more techniquies ...... part 1 was abit childish .. plus the 2 years off filers take me over the edge abit xD
    awwww hahaha tehe :P .. xD it really did .... i cant take naruto serious now till they make it better xD
    I'm really excited! One more day and I'm off! Keep the news coming for PA while I'm gone! :)
    Summer's been boring for the most part so far... I'm going to Vancouver, BC for vacation from July 5-July 15 though so I'm really excited for that. What about you?
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