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  • Yea, two episodes came out and so far it's pretty good. I downloaded the 720p and waiting for the english subs for ep2. KSN has the two episodes sub but it kinda sucked and as you know, I hate their big logo and tags plus bad quality videos...

    Some very funny moments... I think it'll be better than DH1, at least for now.
    Thank you Kevin, and to you and your's too. If you're married, hope you don't give out too much money, and if you're not, then hope you collect a lot, LOL...
    Happy CNY to you too, Kevin and we all hope to get a good amount of red envelops..

    Already had my big CNY meal and more to come the next few days.
    got back at like 9.30pm, hows uni going? still getting leechers?
    soz for late reply.. took a break from work and ended up talking to housemates and watching vids.
    aww, i'm sure kpop will back in london sometime so you'll catch up with them again
    but hope u feeling ok now....
    the concert was really good..! though it would have been better if i was a couple inches taller...lots of TALL people...and holding up BIG posters.... 9__9
    if u google the place, you'd know what i mean about the seats and standing places, there are seats but its at the 'back'..
    btw, did u manage to get tickets to Eason's Concert?
    so sorry about the late reply, been busy ><
    anyways as for the seating, we're actually guna be standing so its like first come first 'gets a good standing spot' xD

    did u decide to get the tickets then?
    Ahh alrite. Night.

    And i chose korean because SNSD is korean LOL Might as well put like the originial version up.
    Yeah its a prequel. Illyasviel is so tiny XD and im loving those names. Irisviel XD

    Yeah i need to transfer my stuff from my old laptop to my new laptop too @_@ and wow 3am? shouldnt you go sleep? or u're working on assignments XD

    Nope i've never tried but Ill give it a shot once i have time haha
    Lol icic. Well berserker in thsi era is VERY different. I read the manga =)

    Yeah i played it on psp, got the dled version LOL!

    Cmon do it nowww it doesnt take long. Or use PA's link for music. u can put up some hyuna music like "change"
    HAha thanks! Saber my fav from Fate Zero in this one. I can't wait for Berserker when he comes. He looks so cool and his identity is good xD

    Yep yep the boys XD wheres your music?
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