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  • agreed. artists aren't artists 24-7
    they've got a family and a life to live!!

    i really really wanted to see her concert but too bad i'm here in aus.. =[
    hopefully they'll release a DVD or something XP
    her live with wilfred ng a while back was soooooooo good
    i guess the reporters are just doing their job, but still... =\
    yeah, talking about live, my mum always says "whats so good about Kay, she cant sing live etc."
    but that cause her lungs issue.
    her Live were sooo good prior to that
    haha, chinese was the best class for me back in high school.

    more rumours? firstly they said the eyes, nose. mouth, now breast implants..
    what next? lol~

    all i know was her "hole in her lungs" incidents...
    chinese class was a lesson to socialise for me XD
    all the chinese in one room where we'd speak chinese (we got told off for speaking cantp all the time though)

    haha, photog, probably too uncommon for them to make the subject
    i did media and chinese too :P

    i did photography instead of bus.

    then photog got cut cause not enuff students doing it... lol
    i'm going back at the end of the year i think..... fingers crossed.
    hows school for you? doing any electives yet?
    i start on the 20th i think....
    i really dont want to go back to school.
    haha, aint I lazy? :P
    oh~ lol.. my bad
    i just woke up when i replied to your previous message ><
    i gotta stay up to atleast 7am tomorrow.
    first in first serve.
    so i cant sleep.... stupid UNI made the timetabling system open at 6 am 9th JULY
    getting a car?
    got anything in mind?
    imports over there in brissy are like crazy. if i'm not mistken

    haha, if they have swine, they'll probably detain you =O
    no school. but no doing anything else either...
    haha, that is 1650 km closer than me xP
    yeah, we had like 14 primary and high schools closed down =|
    my place had 1 guy, but then was deemed safe =[ "exams will be held as usual"
    cough cough.... xP
    i know... the swine here is crazy. last time i checked there were 1101 cases confirmed in aus
    and there were 1001 in VIC.. LOL~

    brissy =D hows the weather? its freezing over here.
    i miss the theme parks XD

    thats 2 things in common... hehe~
    where about in AUS are you?
    i'm in melb. =]... nothing much is happening here i'm soooo bored
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