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  • *~Wishing you a very merry christmas and a very happy new year~*
    Hope the day brings u lots of nice surprises and gifts, and the coming new year brings you happiness and good health..!
    wish you all the best, lots of love and blessing.. Phoenix xx

    i seem to always hop on when my uni work is at a high/peak. so bad of me. argh ..
    hope all is well :D
    has anyone ever asked why your username is lalabeltempo?
    aww well done ;D
    lol yea lots of new users an the 'regulars' are kinda disappearing but making a comeback once in a long while xD
    lol yeh loong time no chat lmao....holidays were good, how was yours?
    exams over as well hehe, but just waiting for results now >_<
    how u been anyways???? :)
    Have a merry Christmas an a awesome new year!!
    Wishing u all the best for the new year, and may all your wishes come true!!
    May ~xxx~
    xD just to also let you know tickets for scouting for girls out on FRIDAY AND IM BUYING TICKETS ON THE SATURDAY TO GET STANDING TICKETS TO SEE THEM AT MANCHESTER APOLLOO!!!!!!!! ops sorry caps :P but whoooppp!!
    thanks for the add =D... :D and whoop scouting for girls has a new song coming out soon :P and I LOVE OWL CITY .. going to see them in feb :D (btw they sung fireflies) xD
    ("( 'o' )")
    ...( ... ) /
    wishing you a,

    *~Merry Berry Christmas~*
    .. , *,
    . ,*@*,

    hope u get whatever u want!
    Have fun and enjoy yourself ^^

    x x
    weird question..
    why watermelon =="..

    (B) you actually like watermelon that much to know its smell, despite watermelon done't really give a smell.

    is my answer.
    then again i would never have watermelon perfume scent D= ...

    just liking the scent wouldn't make me just pick to eat whatever the fruit is.
    woah sorry, late reply x_X
    yes I have heard of Last Christmas :) it's a proper classic hee...
    hope you have a blessed Christmas and New Year :D

    the weather is pretty awful to be honest..
    well.. in manchester it's super snowy and all flights have been cancelled today (i had 3 friends who were gonna go abroad today.. flights got cancelled because of the heavy snow)...
    and.. liverpool (where I am right now) is just rain rain rain rain...
    so yeh, the weather has been awful to be honest...
    the typical -5 degrees.

    you? it's summer in australia riigghht :) ?? enjoy the heat!!! we don't get much over here =_="
    up to much this winter hol?
    lol my song rite now is nth compare to the ones i put on before---hardcore stuff
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