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    WHAT GIRLS WANT in a relationship

    haha you always read them and if you ever watch asian dramas, they are usually true. In real life I'm not sure if it always happens, but if they do it's cute haha
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    What ethnic would you date?

    I think it depends where one lives, and if they are traditional or not. Some families don't like their children to marry outside of their ethnic group or whatnot, and that's how they were brought up, while others don't really care. Also it depends on where you live becuase if you live in like...
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    Height problem?

    I do think it depends on your girlfriend's definition of short.
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    At what age would you want to get married?

    I would say earliest 25 and latest 30 or something like that, but that's what I wish and may not be true. =P
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    Having sex before marriage

    I think it's more of it does exists but do you do it becuase it does exists wherever you live right?
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    Should friends date friends?

    i think that's a personal issue. There are people going to say go for it then there are people who will say don't do it. whatever you think is the best then do that.
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    Can you ever forget your first love

    I htink it is possible after a while of time. Like look people will get married eventually right? and I'm pretty sure most people won't get married to another person if they still are in love with another person. I may be wrong but that's what I thought how it works.
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    I prefer same race xD

    I think I prefer people within my own race, but I won't limit my expectations to that. I think there is a diffrence between our "ideal person" and the person we will actually marry right?
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    [DDL] Ariel Lin - Ariel Lin First Album [Released 10 July 2009]

    OOH, I never knew she was going to have her own album. =) thanks so much. She sort of sounds different from what I expected...
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    G.E.M dislikes looking like a tree

    I like how she is honest.
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    It started with a kiss 1

    I felt like ISWAK 2 was a bit long.. haha I sorta got a little bored with parts, but over all it is pretty good. I liked ISWAK, it was the first drama I've ever watched.
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    Joe Cheng

    lols, oh wells, not everybody is perfect right? but it's okay =) Joe is still pretty cool
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    ISWAK vs. They Kiss Again

    they both have their good points, but I like ISWAK, although they kissed again had a cute storyline as well after they were married and how they had troubles and everything =P