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  • Hello ma123456. I saw your post about Sangdo. I really appreciate your amazing help!!! However, I guess because it was uploaded long ago I can not open it with utorrent. Could you please upload a newer version if possible?? Pleaseee I need it soooo muchh!!!!!
    a lil trick: use CTRL+F with the keywords..
    found just anything without staring that much o,O hehe
    yea it been nice out.....im still recovering from last nite haha ....n mothers day is 2day round 2!!! XD

    i been doing fine so far, everythings is starting too come into place just the way life should be :)
    how about you? went too the beach?

    Havent talked to you for a while.
    How are u lately?
    Done anything special?
    It's great weather in holland last week...
    So I've chilled a lot haha.

    Grtz, DL
    like wise ^^ too caughtz up lately..imma catch up my winter-sleep i missed out..now like putting up my sun-cool2 donwanna scare u =P
    i goin crazy i got 2 hrz of zzz ,imma zzz , ...i gettin my career rolling soon i got crazy hrz but comfortable hrz (3-4hr) if im sucessful or imma be collecting soda cans lol

    nitez for now ill b dreaming about u :)
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