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    [DDL] [Album] - Glee Christmas Album

    Does anybody have the new Glee album of Christmas songs? If you do, please can you upload it? Direct Download please? (preferably MU) Many Thanks:D
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    [anime movie] Initial D cantonese full series

    just a "little" trek away lol...... in the U.K!!!-lol nevermind, like i said - no rush, just something i'd like to watch, but will just keep looking out for it! (even if it's in over half a year's time! hehe!)
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    [TV SERIES] One Tree Hill - Season 7 - Megaupload DDL

    Does anybody know where I can get DDL for season 7 of One Tree Hill? I've only seen a few on the first episodes of this season & couldn't get hold of anymore to watch! :( Or if you have it, could you please share? ddl on megaupload if you can. :biggthumpup:Many thanks in advance :)
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    [anime movie] Initial D cantonese full series

    hey, i've also been searching for full initial-d in cantonese... unfortunately, not in HK (although i wish i was lol!) but willing to wait till whenever you're able to upload (as ddl plz if u can) there's no rush. thanks in advance :)
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    Hong Kong Scam

    first I'd heard of this... wouldn't have believed it if someone told me, only realized it's true seeing it's on the news!!! didn't think people of HK were that niave or huillable - especially in this time & age... feel bad for "X", she must be kicking herself!!
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    What Chinese dialect do you speak?

    speak fluent in cantonese - not so fluent in hakka & even worse at mandarin! (but will give it a go!) have full understanding of all though...
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    The Offical Hot Guyz Thread...

    Taeyang (Sol) smokin' hot huh?! http://www.taeyangsol.com/
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    1200+ Korean Albums

    to all the Taeyang & KPop fans: http://www.taeyangsol.com
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    Complex Plot

    we kept guessing & lots of the time got it right, surprisingly! wasn't too complex but not fully predictable either... couldn't stop watching!!
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    Derek Kwok's Transition of Roles

    he still plays this role really well though... yeah it's a bit unusual for him, but I think he did it well! - proves what a good actor he is :)
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    Charmaine and Moses OR Tavia

    we're on about their characters right?!! hmm i'd say charmaine! i don't understand those who don't like her... as opposed to tavia's character which is just pure evil! lol so he'd defos be better off with charmaine! but out of character & back to real-life, gotta love tavia!! she's gorgeous &...
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    Rosy Business vs Moonlight Resonance

    that's a tough one... i loved them both!!! but to be fair, they are completely different, so it's hard to say...!
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    Rosy Business 2 coming in 2010

    Part one was GREAT!!! (hence it winning many awards...) so really looking forward to part 2! and hope it's just as good!
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    Hole in the Wall

    This is a really funny game to watch! We've got a whole gameshow here in England dedicated to this game...!
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    What do you think of the 4 hosts?

    I'd been a huge fan of the show & been watching since it first started... Prefer the original games AND original hosts... Although the new co-hosts are all great personalities & really funny, it's never easy to accept change!