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  • lol not been eatting properly lately.. only like one meal a day now?
    dunno even now i have been sleeping for 3 hours and wake up and still don't eat 3 meals a day lol
    ahh well im suppose to revise but i really have no motivation for hahaa
    any luck with job hunting?
    no where lol
    just can't be arsed to post that's all xD
    and the fact i'm back at home ill as hell!

    how are you gor gor?
    England? wow... that's interesting. Where did ya go before coming back to England? and what game? o.0
    just watched ep 1 of the willie's chocolate revolution! hehe..got to head off to student fellowship now...

    im rly in the mood for chocolate now LOL and i totally agree with him. I prefer it being quite bitter with more cocoa in!! Green&Blacks chocolate is rly nice, but so expensive D: ....

    right im gonna go buy some choco before i head off.. HAHA...

    i think my family tree is getting far to big if you look at it on a large scale basis..
    i have another 2nd cousin (i think that's what its called in english) i.e. my cousin just had another baby boy...
    i think i have too many 2nd cousins or cousin neices/nephews lol
    more like my sister has to work extra harder :P
    told her today and hell she got upset that she ain't gonna get her Saturday night life back haha
    lool...awww no more late nights for u....=[
    ooo accounting....i likey numbers but depends on what type of maths hehe
    u get some rest an have a good day 2moro,
    night night, sweet dreams -hug
    ahh lost....its a good series but i get lost myself when following it lol, watching heroes instead :P
    uni work is going alrite...presentation to do...an bits of coursework to complete....
    what u guna study??
    could you have been thinking or read something about asprins across the net like skim reading etc? could happen yanno.. but it is scary.. well personally for me it is lol

    aww at least now u dont wake up if u slept before 12am lawl
    man i dont get tired at all lately!! not even at 3 am but last night i went to bed around 2... and didnt sleep till 4 coz i was just rolling around =,= bah... thing is tho i did wake myself up in the end and decided to go and get maccie d's breakfast to cheer myself up for the torture that i get for Wednesdays :P
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