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  • lol u be dancin to this ish


    :trollface2: late 90s explosion!!!! OMgawwdd
    hahaha gotta get on with the times yeah :P lol but i listen to old stuff sometimes hehehe... like the xx thats like 2009.
    pretty good but wiki and thats olddd!!! lol i want some newer stuffs now that i missed out but thx i honestly never heard of a guy. See that he has a 2010 album though might dl that!
    lol i didnt forget the song but i forgot the title i definitely heard it before and didnt care for it? lol...I found weeknd on a mixtape site cause i tried to dl this other mixtape hahaha it was random but in ya face type of deal. Lol the guys in the gym were wearing over the head beats :facepalm: lol how you workout like that i dont really know, all that sweat caught in those headphones...just they want to show that they ballers i guess....its stupid to shed over 100 on a pair of headphones that are not made specifically for gym use and actually use them in the gym lol its pretty stupid. If i want to get a new mp3 player i probably get the ones that accept micro sd lol since sd cards are dirt cheap get like a 4gb for 50 ish and add 16gb via micro sd which sells for like 20 bucks? not that bad thats why i want the sansa clip they say it sounds good but its tiny as hell.

    09 but just started listening to this chill as hell

    forgot about that song but this guy has a different voice then drake but yeah definitely similarities here and there. i like him better! his stuff sounds more mysterious. I already listened to his first album like a couple of times its good!

    Lol 2 years old that isnt that old but philips isnt too good of a brand lol. And beats lol soo many audiophile loathe that shit lol expensive! But i see these dudes wearing them while working out in the gym:facepalm: lol 8gb is kinda enough lol but bigger means you dont have to always delete to add haha. i bought a sony one like couple of months ago but the battery life was horrible it was advertised at 40 hrs but i get like 5 lol. i refund it right away. Still on the search now you would expect since flash memory is soo damn cheap branded mp3 players price will go down. Dont want to settle for a cheap china one lol. One of those bootleg mp3 players :facepalm:
    talk about it i'm still using my mp3 player from 2006 rofll new computer and shit but no mp3 player:facepalm:

    i wanted a touch or zune but i think imma just get the sansa clip ones from the gym lol. My old one the scroll wheel goes crazy and the volume and such sometimes turn up by itself hahahha...and its only 4gb:facepalm: This guy is drake's protege lol drake even on one of his song on "thursday" he sound unique definitely different from the normal r&b its like electronic/dance/rock i like the blend!
    hahhaa and curiosity always kills the cat!

    lol i dont even know how to classify it really its like a hybrid of everything lol thats why i started to like it. But i guess you can say R&B?
    lol yea you a bad teacher durr!!! you listen to the cds? u liek?
    i stay off it! peer pressure dont work against me, lol 90% of my friends did that shit and i still didn't :trollface2:
    no my friends do back then but they stopped! believe or not i dont smoke weed yo! :trollface2:
    but it smells sooo relaxing!!!! lol if i learned anything from bad teacher and cameron diaz, smoking weed and being a teacher is cooollll plus maybe it will reduce stress from teenagers and you won't pull much hair out! Also reduce white hairs-bigsmile
    lol i bet you brought home your fair share of that mary jane :trollface2:

    its easier for me with telemarketers i shut off the phone after hello! :P
    hahha what you do cuss them out? sometimes i really feel like doing that on a bad day lol. shit happens and someone calls you to apply for newspapers etc :facepalm: hahha don't they serve that ish all over amsterdam?

    Anyways damn this track is sexy!
    lol were you a telemarketer before? most people will think you are the scum of the earth when they hear the phone...i just cut them off (that was before i had caller id rofl). Lol clean the office you dont know what you'll find under the desk either :trollface: but thats some good pay yeah lol. i dont think they make that much cleaning in the us its usually only mexican workers who crossed over the border i bet they only get minimum wage. Lol you had some of that cake ish before eh hahahhaa someone knows the deal! wont be hard for you, you know. Its like more cakes if you all pass the next exam. :P
    lol when was the last time you used it? maybe something is blocking wifi antenna etc...

    lol be a cleaning lady at the gym hahahaha... smell sweat for hours!!! lol chocolate factory? dayum imagine that hahaha would you be like putting special things in the candy and giving em to your students lollll...some calming drug! i see how you roll!
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