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  • lol but but what if you have to teach only classes later!!! why dont you take this free time and apply in a course about computers or read something like computers for dummies laaa a:trollface: lol i wouldn't be able to live with that net lol one episode in 3 hrs :facepalm:
    better fix it that was like internet 10 years ago for me lmaoooo...buy a new router maybe? how far you away from it?

    hahhaa i dunno what can you do, do the old babysit thing laaaa :P
    1 ep of plain love for 3 hours? WTF you on dial up? lol seriously like 200mb for 3 hours? hahaha wow

    lol home school some kids or something! or maybe work at mickey ds? :P or join gym to waste time!
    hahaha i'm like 2-3 inches shorter than your bf and weigh like 170 pds! guess i'm not the typical viet? well i'm not really that viet anyways only by blood! Lol man you hatin on the real hahahaha, just cause you dont get enuff viet food and have no more viet boy friend you hating!!!!! psssh psshh! Chin viet babies are hot and sheexxyy :trollface2:
    haha since the chin guys are into viet chicks you into viet boys ehhh ur like i can play that game too :P lol yea pretty much grew up in a vietnamese community not knowing much viet and shit lol barely knew any chinese people. I know the their game :trollface2:. My closest friends are viet lmaoo and we only speak in english. Hahaha dun lie laaaa you still searching for a vietnamese dude and you know it! You wanna make a chin viet baby! Cause you know we da bomb!
    Awww angie always knew you had a special thing for viet dudes thats why you liek viet food soo much!!! Btw i know many viet dudes back in the days who are show offs lmaooo some really hang out with gangstas and do crazy stuff but some just dress like all red or blue just because they wanna look g:facepalm: lol trust me vietnamese dudes show off more! Chinese usually just dress all geeky round here.
    lol really your friends parents are that strict? lol damn was the guy you brought home vietnamese? Anyways all that trash talk about chin guys i viet though so its not about me! :P
    Damn you have pretty chill parents lol let your sister live with her bf and your brother have a child with his gf...I only have my mother to worry about anyways she used to care back then but now she dont give a damn no matter who i bring home. I thought since you a chica they will be more protective though, but then you're not getting married. What do you think they'll say if you decide to marry a black guy tomorrow without introduction hahhaha.
    lol you know you love it! i dont even listen to that ish though found them randomly :trollface2:

    Lol hey yo i was liek 5? that was a long time ago and the one and only time i ever went into a church hhahaa....

    Having a kid first is not really out of the norm today but those with parents its still pretty disrespectful i guess, its definitely going against the traditions hahah. Come marriage time though i think they still expect traditional marriages lol they are just not saying anything cause no one's getting married currently!
    haha dex is god!

    lol thats one reason i dont go with a religion! too much work! i be on that lazy ish 24/7 go to church on sundays:facepalm: put up incense like daily:faceplm: no thanks hahaha. Lol stop being lazy or jesus won't love you anymore hahaha. Damn the only time i ever went inside a church is when i was like 4 and getting free expired bread lmaooo.. One and only. Never even went to a temple. Lol but if you want to respect the old people wouldn't they be more satisfied if you held a tradition than something like hiring a judge or even like something soo casual like jeans and t-shirt wedding:facepalm:
    Dont give up on Dex....lol its not scary sometimes he crack me up...

    Lol damn how many dresses i want wtf! you trippin cuz! Well i only act like that sometimes to my relatives that i barely know of course no one close lmaooo. Are your parents all christians or is your family split religiously? You might have to do a hybrid or like double take! lmaooo who sed i won't get married in a church wait do you have to believe to get married in a church? hahah if its cheaper why not :trollface2: jp well if youre non religious and choose another half that is religious thats pretty hard. You mostly only see religious marriages portrayed in media etc rarely seen non religious weddings. Well maybe those vegas weddings but you still see like a pastor.
    hahaha waaa you learn some techniques from the ice truck killer eh....talking about that dex coming back on october woohhhooo can't wait!

    Hahahah so you want the traditional asian wedding or do you guys do the church wedding. I've been to a few vietnamese/chinese styled weddings its pretty funny what they do! lol dun like you will be like hello and act liek a little girl in front of everyone then when they turn around you be all bat poh ish hahaha, dont worry i do that sometimes to my relatives :trollface2:

    Damn thats a lotta classes you ditched right there...Better not tell stories to your students lmaooo but then a college environment is definitely different hahah most have big class and don't take role so they probably won't even notice it lmao...
    hahaa the other bad acting part was when lat geurng was playing like he was going crazy though! it was soo cringeworthy no wonder they didn't give him a bigger push! But hey madam jo suggested it, she has to handle the consequences, but she the one tripping out!

    Lol waaa nei jung "ka dak jut" meh :P lmaooo omg you soo two faced! lmaooo one day they will find out see you on girls gone wild or something :trollface2:

    Dang you skippin classes setting a bad example for your future students! Lol i skipped first day of class too :facepalm:
    yup yup watched the lastest bosco is evilll...dang you think he was only a sucka for love right then bam razer to the boss!

    Lol awww angie trying to act like a innocent girl and behave in front of the elders :facepalm: hahaha u trying to hide your little devil :P lol so what time did you have class well "working" till 1200am is definitely way more tiring than sitting in front of a computer til 12 hahaha...
    damn were you drunk at least? That sucks invite you to be a slaveee.... lmaooo :P

    what about laughing gor thats soo ommmggg??
    hahah but the point of a bachelor party is to be free and have fun one last time right! Its like after that night you are committed and locked into a relationship its tradition wor! U and your definition of happy ending, a spa? that is just lammee yo you sucha liar! Anyways how was the wedding? Better than you expected? Had fun? Got Drunk? Lmaooo...
    hahaha but you cant control! if they see you there they can make an excuse like you don't trust meh and you would feel a little bit guilty! lol wait what you mean by happy ending? the relationship or the "satisfaction" :P. Lol i guess your fiancee could just socialize at a strip club but if its a bachelor's party at a strip club only the most controlled and dedicated guy would be able to resist the influence and peer pressure of his friends to go further!
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