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  • Since last week or 2, I've been busy with uni, how bout u? Hows it been mj?
    Technologies is useful but they also change fast .. I remember the iphone came out at $500 a piece and a year later, it went down to $300 a piece .. you know what I mean .. That's why I don't wanna buy too many iPad ... not cheap but a cheap version is already in development ..
    yea ure right, but since i have no family there, i prefer to study in hk. but aussi is still on my "travel list".
    well... the exchange program isnt like this. I have 6 semesters then i can go to a partneruniversity in the 4th or 5th semester.
    after that i can transfer the creditpoints back to germany so i can go on with my semester. no need to do extra semesters :)
    yup .. you know that i am on a budget now .. back to school .. so yeah .. vacation has to be cheap, safe, and enjoyable .. hard to find .. lol US dollar is like shit now .. not a good bargain like the past anymore. i am also worry that we'll be in a double dip recession with all these horrific economic data recently.
    hey .. the Islam religion is a concern since I am an American .. proud one btw ... I just hope politics and religion will not interfere with tourism .. know what I mean. Tourism is like extra income for the economy especially during such difficult economic time.

    I haven't been to any of these places you mentioned and never heard of the "female coco" pic you sent me earlier .. lol .. nasty .. is it edible? As for sun tanning .. perhaps most people are there for it, I am not one those who care much about tanning .. more concerning about skin cancer and bore ... I don't mind learning water sport but I just don't know how much it cost to learn it there. I remember learning water skiing in Thailand for like $10 USD .. where as in the US, it tops $500 USD. Of course, every countries is different .. especially the equipments and safety requirements.
    hey mj!! ive been really busy with work. and there are also few things that really bother me in recent....
    anyway..... how are you?hope youre ok :)

    yea some universities want student to study abroad for a year.
    im in one of those (guess why i chose University of Mannheim?)
    i really want to study abroad for a year.
    i wan to go to UK or HK,... but probably HK.
    I love my Uni (though i havent started yet^^)
    Mauritius? That's lovely. I have certainly heard of it but never been there though. I am suck at swimming so I don't hit the sunny beaches/places .. lol Feel left out when I can join or play the water sports.

    I also love to visit Maldives, Guam, and Fiji one of these days. I think it's more fun to go with friends than family. I might visit now that I going back to school .. lol
    you meant australia .. lol

    that's very narrow-minded of you .. guys are different .. depending on who you're dealing with .. think about your father, brother, uncle .. lol
    there you go again .. perverted mind going off .... lol

    freezing .. what r u talking about? it's not snowing. if you're sick, then hit the doc office before things get worst.
    Hey .. how are you? I have been away for awhile now due to work. But I am back ..

    I agreed .. desktop is so much faster, better, and comfortable. I prefer it more than laptop but sometimes, laptop is more convenient and I can use it anywhere w/ more privacy.
    Thx for the article .. but I highly doubt the granny is smart enough to surf the internet and post on forum like we are doing here. Don't you know that a lacked of education and early pregnancy usually mean the women aren't as smart. I don't mean they can't learn but most likely, they won't. Too busy with family.

    You don't have your own computer .. most uni have one .. it's typical and critical to have one these days .. everything requires a computer .. from doing your term papers to researching news and journals. You should get one if you haven't already done so. It's such an inconvenience to share with your bro.
    Granny at 29? R u sure?? That's new for me ..

    So where are you now? Kinda up more often than norm.
    lol ... it was a joke. come on .. i highly doubt any grandma would hang around in the internet ... right?
    wait the min .. i thought you're a grandma .. still in school .. lifelong learning or what? lol
    Honestly, a pain. Life is turned upside down and string of bad luck since the beginning of this year. Keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the year. You??
    frankly i don't really care .. i love kids (except changing diapers, bathing and feeding them) so the more the more merrier .. lol
    thanks buddy .. how do you know about it?

    wow .. i seriously didn't know .. you're a gal?? i thought you were a guy all this time... my bad
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