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  • LOVE UK too ! Yes UBERRRR Coolness !

    So jealous you know :P I don't think I am that knowledgeable. I am just your regular busybody who couldn't get his priority right ! I really don't care much about politics and all. I should focus on real people ! nice people especially :PPP

    Now how do I send some dan tats to you ? Would love to :P

    oooOOooo hahaha....pm right...?...-lol
    well yesh...i am ubbbbber nice and fun.....!!!....hahaha...
    i think youre ubbber knowledgeable...and like chin debates..:)
    hk....sooo jealous...you having fun..?...buy me some fresh daan tats...please...:drool:
    bb is from uk....land of ubbbber coldness...=/

    hey i just ate some cheerios today nice...hahaha
    me..?..umm but still welcome back..!!!...remember PA <3's you now....^^

    and i lub your line "mobidoo is going high on Pak Fa Yao" sooo funnny...!!!!...-lol
    Heh, you're so nice, well, thanks alot for the support, I am glad you like this forum. Hope you enjoy your new home for DDL's and other things!
    Hey Rocky !!!

    You're the best. Really have to thank you for introducing this forum to me.
    The people here are so much fun and great !!!

    And thanks for your postings and your uploads.

    3 Cheers to you ! :)
    Hi mobidoo, welcome to PA, and no problem for the DDL's, continue to download from me!
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