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  • Sup man, last year of uni, so basically full on focus on that as well as grad role applications. Even hardly have time to get out of the house lol
    How bout you man? How have you been?
    Neg, I just got an email from 'you' into my hotmail account with a viagra ad; I suggest you check your computer for trojans in case your box got zombied. Oh, and have a happy CNY.
    ooOo sowie...didnt know so how old is she..?...3..4..?
    have you finished your studies nows..?..
    i remember you were going back to study or somehting..? and needed an ipad..?..
    ooOo oh wells like they said shuolda woulda coulda...or something like that..
    is the wife and kiddie doing well..?..was it her 1st christmas..?
    erm yesh there was a secret santa...but you dun take part normally..would you have this year..?

    happy new year....going well so far..?
    I was always given the impression that Kia Motors was the unwanted (or low end) step child, while Hyundai was the favored prodigy. IIRC, they both belong to the same ROK conglomerate, but Kia is supposed to be considered the budget side of the family. That said, the cost between the two are moot, they're almost the same price. And yes the panoramic sunroof is a great option (until the first rollover, that is <gasp>) and it does look really good. I had looked that the Tuscon myself, and likely would have gone with it but had to wait several months as the then 2011s were backordered for that long. I ultimately went with the Elantra Touring, which had the room that I needed, albeit lower on the ground. It was a lot cheaper though so I optioned up and got everything thrown in. I'm pretty happy with the car considering it was a budget model. In your case, I would probably go with the Tucson.
    Deciding between Tucson & Sportage .. my main attraction is the "panoramic sunroof" so my kid can see the night sky while sitting in the back ... lol .. I know I am crazy.
    Nothing really. Trying to save money. With the way the economy is, lucky to even have a pay check. Just holding my breath, so to speak. BTW, what kind of car you looking for?
    *~Wishing you a very merry christmas and a very happy new year~*
    Hope the day brings u lots of nice surprises and gifts, and the coming new year brings you happiness and good health..!
    wish you all the best, lots of love and blessing.. Phoenix xx
    We went to Chicago and next week, I'm going to New Orleans for a week of post Katrina volunteer home building. Didn't have the time or money to go to HK this year though the missus is clamoring to. With one kid in college and another about to start, I gotta watch every penny, unless of course, my winning lottery ticket finally comes in, LOL... But you're right in how money focused Chinese are; from a century of poverty, they're innately trained like blood hounds when it comes to finances. Women there really don't care what you do. If they had the choice of marrying a doctor who made a good living, or a triad member who made a better living; they would choose the triad member, and with their family's blessing. That's just how culture in the PRC is nowadays. IMHO, China needs to be given a century of prosperity first, with several consecutive generations of living well and at high standards, for them to socially evolve beyond the dollar and cents mass attitude prevalent today.
    LOL... Already a PRC prisoner on your first trip there? Damn... that's what I call really hard core.
    lol sorries i don't go on this fourm much so i didn't see your comment , sorries for a late one too
    of course i am still in NYC! lol i live here ;)
    i don't know which part of nyc you are in but im guess you're here its already mid august already!
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