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    [TVB-L] Unusual World - 微觀世界不思議 (2012) [02/??] (HD)

    thank you... total episodes is two?
  2. nikiki

    [TVB-A] Best Bet - 迎妻接福 (2007) [20/20][C]

    how to download via PA ? can i request for lumfile/bitshare ? thks
  3. nikiki

    [bt]TVB-S0][ddl] Peter So's Academy 民峰學院 (2010)

    anybody have ep19 to the last episode?
  4. nikiki

    Couples - 커플즈 (2011)

    all links are not working.
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    Hong Kong Various Artists EEG 英皇群星 - Mega Hits 年度熱愛2011 (Cantonese) [ 20 Jan 2012 ]

    thank you... btw, where's the 'thank you' button?
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    [TVB-S] Scoop - 東張西望 [Sept 01 2011 - Sept 30 2011]

    Wanna ask where can i download the interview? Taken from here
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    PopularAsians & DinoDirect Giveaway Contest!

    is this on-going? i am in!!
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    [KOR-M] Beethoven Virus - 貝多芬病毒 (2008) [18/18]

    Korean Drama Title Beethoven Virus, 貝多芬病毒, 베토벤 바이러스 Genre Romance, drama, comedy Episodes 18 Producer Park Chang Shik (The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, Yi San, etc.) ALL LINKS are dead here Someone please help me.. If language is korean, pls have english subtitle (i...
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    [RTHK] I Love Lolita - 我愛Lolita (2011)

    thks! is this two episodes only?
  10. nikiki

    [NOW]Blowing The World S2 [02/??]

    anymore updates please?
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    [TVB-S] Parenting 2011 - 天下父母心 2011 (07/07) **COMPLETE**

    total is 7 episodes only?
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    [TVB-F] Inexpensive Tours: South Korea - 廉遊韓國 (2011) [13/13] **COMPLETED**

    Thank you, eviltofu! Hope the megaupload download link is shared earlier too :)
  13. nikiki

    Will Linda and Moses stay together????

    i think the answer is no. tho i hope linda can get a good partner at the end.