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    Flora Chan Supports Family Amidst Husband’s Bankruptcy; Counts Pennies At Supermarket

    why'd she park on the curb? tsk tsk. asian drivers
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    Secretly Married in 2008, Fala Chen’s Luxury Mansions in USA Exposed!

    honestly, that's how much my house cost now
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    Original Promo Trailer With Nick Cheung

    moses without the stupid moustache = much better series
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    Final Episodes! You're thoughts? [Spoiler Warning: only read if you have finished watching]

    I love how they didn't have to explain shit to the kid. "oh yea, mommy died, you're the new mommy now" woot woot. And wtf's up with the last case. they just have to link it back to pro sir. They're not even setting it up for a sequel it just seems like they ran out of ideas.
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    Stupid, stupid, stupid

    i half expected raymond cho to gain supernatural powers as well. due to the excessive slapping
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    better than cupid stupid
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    Episode 14: COPYING?!

    It's TVB what'd you expect?
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    The Ending?

    an unorthodox happy ending
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    Characters from other shows e.g. Laughing Gor, Bao Zhu Jie, Hao Gor (E.U)

    they referred to the character in the japanese drama Galileo