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    Favorite Winter Drinks!

    green tea!!
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    Favorite Winter Drinks!

    hot tea!
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    What's Your Favorite Kind of Soup

    clam chowda!
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    What's Your Favorite Kind of Soup

    chicken noodle soup
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    Do you think breakfast is important for you?

    its important when you wake up hungry
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    How you like your chicken?

    fried chicken all the way double fried if i can get it
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    Do you eat fast food

    i like food fast!
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    Workout or Exercise you did today!

    mouse clicking is the best exercise
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    Do you eat bread?

    soft garlic bread ftw
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    Coke VS Water

    water all the way unless water is derrrty
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    Do you prefer tea WITH or WITHOUT milk?

    depends on the time of day...morning ehhh nope
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    Eggrolls or Vietnamese Spring Rolls

    flippino spring rolls
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    HK (Cantonese) live streaming

    still reliable/working?