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  • From the New York Times:
    “Beijing first promised us one person, one vote in 2007, then in 2012,” he said. “Now they say we may have it in 2017. I don’t think they’ll ever allow democracy here.”
    ...which really shows the political naiveté of people. Beijing will never grant one person, one vote as such a mechanism would literally spell the end of the party. Like I'd stated year's ago, in '97 the mistake was to give HK to China when we should have given China to HK. Frankly IIRC, Thatcher didn't need to "give back" HK, just the new territory extension. However, since keeping HK without the new territories would have been a logistical nightmare, "an impossibility" as they then called it, the Brits walked away from it. This did a huge disservice to the native Chinese there. The only way HK elections would ever have meaning is when there are elections via genuine one man one vote in the mainland.

    Just my 2 cents.
    hahahaha don't worry I only keep to people I know or online :XD: but yeah I haven't seen negigboyz as well, I've been MIA in PA for a while only drop by here more often recently, so hardly have a clue where he go or anybody thats also vanished lol. But yeah if I see him, I'll pass him the message.
    Lol, I'm just bored, but it makes wonder how a few awkwardly placed smiley can make a simple conversation creepy :XD:
    It's January 23rd 2012 which means it's Chinese New Year! Enjoy your day and hope the year of the dragon bring you and your family the best of luck =)
    yup .. i leaning towards the tucson as well .. hyundai has been around longer .. and my mechanics cousins suggested it as well. i haven't test drive it yet .. no time thus far .. if i am gonna buy .. most likely order online and have it deliver to my house.
    Between Tucson & Sportage .. the main option I like it is the panoramic sunroof .. so my kid can see the night sky in the back .. lol
    In & out ... lol

    I have to start job hunting again. My current work requires a lot more travel in 2012 and I just can't afford to fly all the time instead of being with my family.

    Sigh...sad start to the year but I hope things will turn out great. Debating on getting a new car cuz I just sold my old one so probably spend time searching ... lol

    What's new with you?
    A few questions:
    -"I'm doing my best to stay off anyone's radar." what is this referring to?
    -What is NOLA?

    I know right! It was well worth the wait though.
    You should change your title (Fobulous) to Dr.Ralph xD
    Have you been watching The Walking Dead Season 2?
    Watch yourself in the PI. They just love tourists (ie don't wake up in some back alley stripped naked because you thought you were only having coffee with some nice looking girl). Otherwise, the place can be pretty nice. Still, I wouldn't go into the provinces, especially in the far south; too dangerous. Singapore is one of those worldly cities that I would love to visit if I had the time and money. It is by far the best crossroads of Asia in extant, IMHO. Enjoy your trip and please post a few pics for us.
    I didn't get that sense in Xiamen so not everywhere is like that ..

    I am going to HK for CNY before heading over to the Philippines and then Singapore .. might visit Guam or Hawaii for xmas .. still debating .. lol .. since I am leaving my job, might as well spend my precious time with family. I am short of cash too but I can always earn it back but time .. can't do so yeah ..

    You shouldn't worry too much about your kids' college fund. That's how they learn to do deal with finance .. college is a good training and practice place for them.
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