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  • LOL you should increase the amount of black words in your post,there's just too many red words for summary :XD:
    >_>" Stupid capped net, I post a message on here yesterday and looks like it didn't came up...
    Yeah, the groaning system doesn't seems to do anything good...and phil's seems to be the center of the mass groaning. First week when it was just release and he has around 500 groans from us LOL
    Tell me about it; those touchpads are notorious, LOL. But listen, no harm done. And I thank you for being so graciously kind in backtracking your steps and removing it. I personally disagree with the notion of be able to "groan" people, as it sets up situations for too much negative feelings amongst participants. Anyways, alls well that ends well. Thanks again, and good luck to you in all you do! ;)
    LOL I'm so very sorry then. I am only using my laptop now and you know the touchpad.. must have accidentally clicked on it and not even know. hahaha. Well I hope you don't get any other groans :XD:
    I groaned at you? Wahhhhh I don't remember doing that. lol I might have just pressed it by accident. I'm sorry. Where is it?
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