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  • Hi RockkxD,
    For episode 26 of 天與地, all uploaded videos on megavideo does not work. It says, "Permanent conversion error. Please try uploading a different video format." Can you please kindly fix the issue? Thank you so much!
    Have a happy 2012!
    *~Wishing you a very merry christmas and a very happy new year~*
    Hope the day brings u lots of nice surprises and gifts, and the coming new year brings you happiness and good health..!
    wish you all the best, lots of love and blessing.. Phoenix xx
    hey rockkxd! where do u get all those dramas that u are providing us? i want to know from what source u get it
    Hey. A couple of days ago, because the site was down, they put up a temporary link to some of the days tvb series. I was wondering if that was a page that actually existed before, because I started dl from it, but I can't find the exact same version of series to continue dl now >.<
    What's the name of the actress in your avatar? The one who looks like she's crawling. Also the name of the one in the yellow dress please.
    Have a merry Christmas an a awesome new year!!
    Wishing u all the best for the new year, and may all your wishes come true!!
    May ~xxx~
    thx buddy for the info .. i am surprised that ppl aren't appreciative of their work .. as for copyrighted issue .. it only applied if they're distributing it to rip a profit or with malice intent to intrude on TVB businesses; however, they're not and TVB drama can be streamed online free so yeah .. their reasons don't hold any merit in that regards. Anyway, I appreciate them and ya'll for making the dramas available online and likewise, I respect their decision to retire regardless of their reasons. Everyone was doing it for free and I know it took a lot of time and devotion to have done what they did in the last four years.
    Is it bcuz tvb drama can be streamed online now .. thus, retired? but I noticed that the Clan and Someday is still under HDzone .. confusing.
    hey rockkxd .. just curious .. why is every move you make under tvb now instead of hd zone?
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