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  • Hi RockkxD,
    You are a legend at sharing. Got here from addicts thanks to you. i think i am verified now at popularasians, i can see download links here but didn't get the message from one of the mods that i'm verified so i am not sure.
    hi RockkxD! I guess I'm one of the many people taht followed you from D-addicts! Lol... I was wondering... how do i get to the DDL link on popularasians? I'm kind of lost =S Thank you!!
    Hi, I also followed U fro d-Addicts, can U please advise how to get to the DDL links on this site?? Thanks
    Many thanks for the link to this webpage.... So many great and updated news good thing is its all in English, I can understand more..... =] Thanks for all your uploads!

    I tried to post a "THANKS" and got a message that I don't have sufficient privileges to do so. Can you let me know why?

    woah, its rockkxd! I saw yur post on d-addicts[they're closing ddl links D:] thanks for this site. think you can let me into yur download page? =] thanks
    Hey Rocky !!!

    You're the best. Really have to thank you for introducing this forum to me.
    The people here are so much fun and great !!!

    And thanks for your postings and your uploads.

    3 Cheers to you !
    Hi rockkxd, I followed u here from d-addicts and am sad of the 'closing' of d-addicts in the respect of direct download. Any advice how to get started here. Besides that, any idea of starting a personal website / blog/ which will contain all your links for the conveneience of die-hrad supproters to ur contributions?

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