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  • Nothing, I just thought it was pretty cool! (Y) Gotta love SD man.
    hmm, if i order ill be getting it tomorrow, ok i think it will work cus i looked at the manual online and you can set diff resolutions.

    My dumb gaming pc is draining 300 -400 watts p/h and costing me about £15 - £20 p/m to run, to make matters worse i dont even play games on it, if i get the revo it will cost me less than £6 p/m with it being on almost constantly.
    hey rth, can you check to see if you can have your acer revo connected to a PC monitor (via vga) at one resolution and have it connected to a TV at the same time (via HDMI) at another resolution? If you one can do that then the RL70 will be able to do it too.

    Also how does sound get to the TV? does it go through the HDMI cable?
    I got the Sony wx9. It seems like I'm unable to adjust the ISO when shooting in low night. It automatically chooses an ISO based on the brightness of the environment. Which is fine. But it can go up to ISO 3200 at really really low night, which makes the picture pretty fizzy.

    The color of the pictures is very bold. The pictures seem to be more in the red side. Can I adjust the RGB? My old camera can.

    Do you have this camera? The manual doesn't say much.
    Any tips?
    *~Wishing you a very merry christmas and a very happy new year~*
    Hope the day brings u lots of nice surprises and gifts, and the coming new year brings you happiness and good health..!
    wish you all the best, lots of love and blessing.. Phoenix xx
    My mom says she's going to get the sony wx9 for me.
    Thank you for your help on which camera to choose. I guess I'll go with Sony wx9. I'm actually not quiet happy with the picture quality(from looking at some sample pictures online), but I'm not really sure unless I try it out myself. But I like the video quality. You're right about that's what I get for the price. Going to start filming once I get it. That's what I do. Want to be an actor someday (my dream).

    lol of course I'll be that way. not like you ever made an effort to be in better terms with me. I don't do favors for people I have negative vibes from.
    chi seen what do I get out of this. lol have fun riding the bus!
    Well that's dumb. You should call them and be like what the hell how am I supposed to get to school then? I don't live anywhere close to a bus stop. lol Angry mothers help too but idk how your mom's english is. Good luck finding someone. Most people need to drive themselves and if they don't I think most people won't want to risk getting in trouble for some freshman they don't know.
    Have a merry Christmas an a awesome new year!!
    Wishing u all the best for the new year, and may all your wishes come true!!
    May ~xxx~
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