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  • That's Jessica from SNSD and it's from a korean variety show called Running Man, 4 members will be on that show on this Sunday, I think...
    ahh no its fine .. i wouldn't really be bothered if you was .. youre just speaking your mind .. its fine .... and i understand like how some people on this forum can just be dicks but personally its part of the fun ... dunno about you but i love being a bitch and just argue but hmm i do see what you mean ... like i know a couple of members that left cause the dickery is just .. FUUU ... but any way wow ... long time that ... what even happened .. xD i kinda forgot yet i still remember .. xD
    ok man 2(0.025) means 2.5% of 2. If you were ask to calculate what is 2.5% of 2, then you do 2(0.025). However if the question now is that if you were ask to calculate the what is 2.5% OFF 2, then you do 2 - 2(0.025) and this is = 2(1 - 0.025). Depend on the situation.
    well the point is u need to multiply the price by the percentage before u can add/subtracted on/from it. multiply the what by the percentage depends on the problem cause the problem might say the tax on the original price instead of the sale price.
    i donno ur math background so im not really sure wat ur looking for. im assuming u prolly want to know the total after percentage is applied. example of that will be something like buying 20% off a pair of shoes priced at $50. Then the total T = $50 - (20/100)($50) >>> $50(1 - 20/100). The 20% or 20/100 is applied to the original price $50. Then the price is reduced from the original $50. Or if you want make the problem harder, you can add the tax 8.125% off the sale price. Then it will be T = [$50 - (20/100)($50)][8.125/100] + [$50 - (20/100)($50)] >>> T = [$50 - (20/100)($50)][1 + 8.125/100].

    Total = Original - SalePrice + Tax

    Given: Original = $50, SalePercentage = 20%, TaxPercentage = 8.125%

    SalePrice = SalePercentage x Original = (20/100) x ($50)

    Tax = TaxPercentage x Sale Price = (8.125/100) x (20/100) x ($50)

    Well lemme know if it helps.
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