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  • keep your videos like that if you like it like that.

    AVG Free is crap, is isnt even the best free antivirus anymore. also its FREE!!!! so its CRAP!!!!

    Im talking about real antivirus software, Nod32 and Kaspersky are the 2 best Antivirus out there, norton and AVG free are not even worth ranking
    dude! get rid of this black background!!!!!!!

    yeah u gota install a bunch of addons and codecs for everything to work, youll be prompted when u need them.
    i'm not the only one that's "banned" flaming and evo were once "banned" too :P

    if i was really banned u wouldn't see me posting anymore ;)
    i banned myself -lol

    once u have 3000+ post counts or 1000+ thanked posts u can get your name turned blue and type whatever u want on that title...:P
    Agree... but I think they need to make it very twisted...
    Probably a movie will be better...
    LoL thanks
    but I was watching it on megaupload, finish watching all of them ^^
    no ..... he gets pissed off with random people saying things ... hes a guy that dont take shit off people .... and i call him that because i no him and for other reasons ...... if i call some one by using nickname .. thats me ... i call them that and some other members because we all know and have a reason to call them that .. but you dont ...... you need to start knowing before saying ... so just call by members username till you know them better ... gawd lam lam .. dont start causing troubl enow
    well u should have watched your mouth .... you should sit and observe and post .. get to know everyone more rather then say random stuff in the chat box :/....... and dont copy me cause the things i say are fine cause i know .. but u need to get to know ......seriously :/
    if i wana 'add' boss level members like me to your friend list your gona have to be more active, get more posts and stuff, only the best son (Y)
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